Why shop local @ shopiom.com?

‘Shop local’ are the buzz words on everyone’s lips, but what are the real advantages of buying products from local suppliers?

We believe that shopping locally is part of a bigger concept: reducing the gap between the customer and the retailer can have reciprocal benefits that change your lifestyle and the way you think about retail. Having the time to shop at your leisure 24/7, 365 days of the year from the comfort of your own home gives you more time to think about exactly what you want to buy and why. We’re not suggesting that you agonise over every purchase, but increased control over the way you shop lets you support your local economy so that it can support you.

Independent retailers aren’t tied to stocking particular products, and this means that by building a relationship with local customers they can supply whatever’s in demand. Since shopiom.com retailers are all Island based, their reputation is a valuable asset and you can be reassured that products and services are of a high standard. If you’d like to view an item before purchasing, most of our retailers have high street shops where you can see products first hand or ask the owner for advice. You can save on postal costs by collecting items in store, or if there’s a problem, you can take your purchase straight back without complication or expense.

Another benefit of supporting your local economy is that this protects local industry and jobs. Local suppliers often have knowledge of unique speciality products such as foodstuffs and Art’s and Craft items that are made on the Island. Shopiom.com also gives an online presence to local entrepreneurs and artisans who can’t be found on the Manx high-street, with the assurance that they conform to Island trading standards. A Manx provenance can enhance gifts and your own sense of enjoying the heritage around you.

You often hear the saying ‘you get back what you put in’, so why not personalise your shopping experience and shop local @ shopiom.com. Here’s a reminder of what you get back ….

Shop local means

  • Access to local goods 24/7, 365 days a year from the comfort of home.
  • Support independent business so that they can improve and grow.
  • Contributing to the local economy and protect local jobs and local industry.
  • Assurance of quality products with a known provenance.
  • The option to see products first hand and to speak to retailers face to face.
  • Collect in store option that saves on postal costs.
  • Lower postal fees than UK or global online websites.
  • Minimal expense and complication with returns.
  • Discovering online businesses you can’t find on the Manx high streets.
  • Discovering unusual and exciting new products.